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"hair DON'TS"

Can you think of a bad hairdo?

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The Lizard... !!!

"The Lizard... !!!"

by M

8 bit too much

"8 bit too much"

by Jill Howarth

The whip

"The whip"

by Jill Howarth

Dog Bone Do

"Dog Bone Do"

by Nate Williams

The I-Do

"The I-Do"

by Christina E.

Birdcage Braids

"Birdcage Braids"

by Viola Wang

The Mop Top

"The Mop Top"

by Michael Mullan



by Nate Williams

Mocking - bird

"Mocking - bird"

by Lulla

Nightmare Hair

"Nightmare Hair"

by Andy Bauer