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"hair DON'TS"

Can you think of a bad hairdo?

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The Lizard... !!!

"The Lizard... !!!"

by M

8 bit too much

"8 bit too much"

by Jill Howarth

Dog Bone Do

"Dog Bone Do"

by Nate Williams

The whip

"The whip"

by Jill Howarth

The I-Do

"The I-Do"

by Christina E.

Birdcage Braids

"Birdcage Braids"

by Viola Wang

The Mop Top

"The Mop Top"

by Michael Mullan



by Nate Williams

Mocking - bird

"Mocking - bird"

by Lulla

Nightmare Hair

"Nightmare Hair"

by Andy Bauer

Wind Sail Do

"Wind Sail Do"

by Nate Williams

Give me your number!

"Give me your number!"

by Cesk

Snail Do

"Snail Do"

by Nate Williams

The Scorpion

"The Scorpion"

by Nate Williams

High Five Do

"High Five Do"

by Nate Williams

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