Hank & snOLiVER bOoKS!

Welcome to the whimsical world of award- winning designer and illustrator, Nate Williams. In his debut picture book series featuring the unique characters of Hank and snOliver, Williams encourages kids to involve curiosity, play and discovery in everything they do. Their first adventures tackle the perennial theme of “What Can I Be When I Grow Up?” and the timely idea of what awaits you to discover if you “Put Down the Phone!”

Enter into his very creative world, filled with exaggerated characters and designs, to inspire your child to be creative and journey beyond the borders of traditional thinking. They’ll soon learn that the more you explore, the more you will discover.


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Pre-order: Hank & snOLiVER in Put Down the Phone!
Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Indigo / Foyles – UK / Lehmanns – Germany





Pre-order: Hank & snOLiVER in Put Down the Phone!
Amazon / Barnes and Noble  / Indigo  / Foyles – UK  / Lehmanns – Germany

Orders: (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST)

800.835.4993 phone
800.213.3023 fax

I can’t thank my publisher enough for taking a risk to publish my books and for supporting my creative vision with confidence. Thanks Suzanne Taylor and the rest of the Gibbs Smith crew for all your great energy and awesome support!

Thanks for Everything!

UPDATE: Illustrationmundo.com lives on! :)

Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful emails. I thought it was time to shut illustrationmundo.com down, but apparently not. The community really likes having an illustrator database and illustrator interviews, so I am more than happy to keep it running.

Thanks for all the great vibes and encouragement!

Illustrationmundo.com no longer exists. 

Illustrationmundo was created with the intention to help illustrators promote their work and services. A lot has changed since 2006 and fortunately, there are now better ways for illustrators to promote their work. Portfolio sites, mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have provided illustrators with the means to be in direct contact with those who enjoy their work.

Lots of aspiring illustrators have written me over the years seeking advice, in a nutshell this is what I have learned.

  • Great work is the best form of promotion – Don’t get to caught up in social media, focus on making creative, unique, beautiful work and it will get “discovered”.
  • Self Initiated projects – Don’t wait for clients to ask you to create something, create your own projects and try and connect with people outside of the design / advertising industry. Creating your own work is always more satisfying than someone telling you what to create.
  • Web Site - Your web site is STILL your number one marketing tool. It’s great to promote your work on social platforms, but you want to make sure you build equity in something that won’t go away so all marketing efforts should lead back to your web site. If you need a SEO / Mobile optimized web site I recommend these guys.
  • People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

I am working on some new projects that will involve illustration/illustrators  (books, toys, products, etc).  If you’d like to know more about those, please subscribe to my mailing list.


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