HOW Magazine’s 2012 Design Award Annual

I am extremely honored that I was asked to illustrate the cover for HOW Magazine’s 2012 International and Interactive Design Award Annual.

HOW video editor Phillip Grosvenor animated the cover for the iPad version of the magazine using these images below

  • Richard Deverell

    It’s exciting to see illustrations being used on magazine covers. Clients are waking up!

  • Andrea Ebert


  • Cjeffers

    Proud of you! its cool!  CJ

  • Nate Williams

    thanks :)

  • Nate Williams

    thank you :)

  • Nate Williams

    yes I think in a world of high tech perfection it’s nice to see signs of something made by a human

  • Chris Krebs

    Your work is amazing!  Saw you in HOW and came to see the website, love it!

  • Nate Williams

    thanks Chris :)

  • Bart Smith

    Always love your work. Congrats on getting that cover project.