Yerba Mate

Yerba Art Licensing collection by Nate Williams
Keywords: Naive, animals, country life

  • Anastacia Seretkina

    aargh this is soo cool

  • Nate Williams

    Anastacia  .. I loved creating them

  • Shahsi27

    Hi Nate.  I’m an artist too, although not as famous as you. Well, not famous at all, really.
    I’m wondering what your technique is…do you paint, and use ink pens?  Or is it silkscreen, or computer-generated?
    I’m curious.  Love your work and the newsletter.  Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Lisa Skyheart Marshall

  • Nate Williams

    Hello Lisa thanks :) I use all of the above … a lot of my work is create with markers, paint, and india ink and then I scan that stuff and make compositions .. some times I silkscreen .. other times it’s just saved out as a digital file

  • Lidia Wey

    Good energy, unique style and passion for what you are doing. Thank you for inspiring young artists to create art!

  • Marina

    is the angel drinking mate? I am argentinian i love this, Is so cool!

  • Nate Williams

    Thanks Marina .. it is an angel drinking mate. I love Argentina .. I miss it.

  • Marina

    I miss Arg. too. I am currently living in Canada. Is any store here in Ca. where I can buy some of your Pictures? Thanks.