What was the last thing that really inspired you?

Update: Contest closed .. winners notified. For those of you wondering … the book is called The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon


I am giving away 3 copies of a picture book that really, really inspired me.  A book that inspired me so much, it was part of my motivation to quit my job, sell my house and pursue my dream of living in Latin America as an artist. Hopefully it will inspire you as well.

How: To enter, leave a comment on the following:  ”What was the last thing that really inspired you?”

When: On May 11th 2012 I will randomly select 3 people from below and mail each person a copy of this mystery book :)

Rules: Just one comment per person on this page http://www.n8w.com/wp/6782

  • http://www.tiffinbox.in/ sriparna

    Going to sleep inspires me to do better work. cause I wouldn’t  know what kind of a day tomorrow would be :)

  • http://twitter.com/CristinaVanko Cristina Vanko

    All my friends who are achieving their goals of finding jobs in the arts…when your parents have said it couldn’t be done!

  • http://theresa-truong.com/ theresa

    Adam Yauch died today- RIP- inspires me to live life to the fullest when I see a creative like that go so young.

  • Veroduprez

    Great artists like you! :)

  • Shannon

    This quote from Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative:

    “We need you. You are not disposable, and your contribution to the rest
    of us is not discretionary. Do not abdicate your contribution. If you
    do, you will spend the final days of your life wishing you’d treated
    your time here with more purpose. Today, here, now, in this moment,
    resolve to uncover your voice and to begin acting to affect change in
    this world. You may be reluctant to accept the role that you can play,
    but resolve to engage. ”

    It is so wonderful when creative people are willing to HELP others learn and grow rather than put them down. Thank you for being one of those people Nate! 

  • Renata

    My little cousin drawing fearless inspires me to try, to play, to let it be

  • Julissa Mora

    The Miike Snow concert! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/buonodesign Ahmed Mahrous

    Illustration is my inspiration

  • Lauren

    Seeing other senior’s design projects as a whole during exit critiques, preparing ourselves to graduate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.kitay Leo Kitay

    Watch my daughter smile when ZaraT (our dog), kiss her on the face!

  • Zoe Brench

    We visited a butterfly centre last week. I have never seen such beautiful butterflies and so many fluttering around me. Wonderful experience and I will be making butterfly designs very soon!

  • Matt

    My wife and my young kids, working and playing and just doing without abandon. And Walt Disney.

  • edi

    Music!!, different bands, different songs, different chords and harmonies bring to me different shapes, characters, situations, stories, transitions and ideas, also the lyrics and most of the time very specific quotes in a song or book, also watching cool Animation/Motion Graphic videos.

  • Hoskinstribe

    Seeing the seeds I planted poke thru the dirt and grow!!

  • betsy

     The last thing that inspired me was a scrap piece of watercolor paper that I used to test my colors. Found it while cleaning up my studio and I think I like it more than many things I’ve intentionally painted.

  • http://twitter.com/deemerman Lorenzo De Waele

    Well, I recently found The Litany Against Fear, an excerpt/mantra from the Dune books. Inspired me not to let my insecurities and self-doubt hold me back any longer :) 

  • Samra T.

    I’m inspired by color and shape and nature.  Simplicity of design, and symbolic meanings as well.

  • Linda Castillon

    I was inspired by one of the CNN hero programs and now I am working towards conversing and a cleaner planet. 

  • Annkristinnovaro

    A Cohiba cigar with a glass of 7 yrs Havana Club on a rainy autumn night in Oslo 4 yrs ago had put me in a good creative mood I had not felt in years. I made some nice illustrations during that night. Strange but nice. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/Reddavebatcave David Andrews

    Reading a book about Modernism, which made me realise how much I love modern architecture and that it’s okay to use a computer as an art tool.

  • http://twitter.com/yellowfi Viktorija

    Recent thing which inspired me was a book (as well) which is called Isetatsu collection. A book of amazing collection of japanese wood-block printed paper. Every time I open this book my life becomes better. ) 

  • Nate K

    Seeing shapes within things. And podcasts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fredericdupuis.MTL Frédéric Dupuis

    Watching the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” really inspired me. It’s never too late to do what you’ve always wanted to!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703051503 Aspa Mikalef

    The colour of the light on a human face.

  • Benjamin Durflinger

     A Will Barnet exhibit. Truly inspiring work.

  • Mazzonip80

    Creer que un cachorrito que vi en la calle me estaba sonriendo.

    (Google translate: Believe that a puppy I saw in the street was smiling at me.)


  • Gillian

    Speaking to one of my illustration heroes on the phone and him sounding like a real person!

  • Kleopetra

    The details of hundreds of forget-me-nots in bloom in our spring garden.

  • http://newgoodstudio.wordpress.com/ Lizzie

    A brilliant felt tip drawing of a man with his ribs inexplicably exposed, looks like a cave painting, by a kid I work with who is not yet inhibited about his art so just draws and makes without worrying about it, to beautiful effect- it’s something we have to relearn as grown ups!

  • http://donnabarger.com/ Donna B.

    Watched Simon Sinek’s Creative Mornings talk today and it was awesome! Very uplifting.

  • Elise

    Watching my nephew build a whole new world with his lego blocks and wishing I could grasp onto his awesome and innocent imagination.

  • Franco averta

    The last thing was a short film about the work of Tibetan calligrapher Tashi Mannox.

  • Anika

    Hope you know them… Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Argentina

  • Rebekah Ginda

    A bike ride home from downtown on the first day of spring – kids were playing in the stream, the hot air balloons were floating overhead, the trees were blooming and the grills were grilling.  I felt like I was biking through a childrens book!

  • Zooecology

    The glorious battle of my father with the stroke. He tought himself into talking, walking, living in amazingly short time.He is a great source of inspiration and energy for me. (annatelman.blogspot.com)

  • http://ramya-r.blogspot.in/ Ramya

    My professor and guide who inspired me to just go ahead with the production of my short animation film, a story of a girl plagued with insecurities. He himself keep drawing, keeps sketching, making comics, and so encouraging, an absolute brilliant source of inspiration!

  • http://choppingtools.blogspot.com.es/ Abel

    Recently, my wife and I, needs to search flowers and plants for a work we did. Take a walk and go far away from the studio, like a little trip of 60 miles driving, that so inspiring!

  • http://graphicriver.net/user/joiaco Qabbojo

    Finding the courage to finally start watching the film clips which my 30year old son made of his travels around the world before he died of cancer two years ago. Not only is he ‘alive’ again for me, but i was amazed at how his creativity has sparked mine again.

  • job

    I just started reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s way”………… very very inspiring…….

  • Marc Antoine Herrmann

     I was playing with the xerox machine, copying and at the same time moving  the sheet of paper.
    It was a photo of a spring. Look at the result : the biggest kiss you can ever imagine.

    Random is the best source of inspiration

  • Erik

    When I was 13, my dad left his well-paying job, trained and studied hard and became a fireman – which was so inspiring as he helped countless people.

  • E_rubione

    This is true, not to be a “chupamedias”. the last thing that really inspired me was the talk you and both Christians made in the UBA! It made me realize i want to be an illustrator as well.

  • David Pena

    To be honest, reading an interview you gave years ago about pursing your dreams always really inspired me to purse my artwork. Lately though, a lot of my inspiration comes from seeing the creative works being made by my friends and their support in what I want to do.

  • ChristinaCola

    Last thing that really inspired me was Belgrade, Serbia. I live in Athens since I was born and I’ve been in places abroad, but I want to move to Belgrade forever. It’s the only magical place in the world for me. I love the language and the places to see, but most of all, for some unexplained reason, I really love serbian people. Makes me feel like there is a place who can secure me from all the trendiness and the fancyness around.

  • Nicki H.

    I was running this morning and had a moment where the music in my headphone (“Last Frontier” by Splashdown) and the bright, small flowers growing out of the rocky face of a hill just seemed perfect. I get inspired by those moments of stillness.

  • Roya Elison

    The last thing that really sparked my imagination was the mantra “Do things, Tell People.” The idea takes the pressure away from creating something perfect, and keeps the focus on the fun/interesting stuff. 

  • Melissa Kojima

    Reading the book “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde has been an amazing source of inspiration.

  • http://profiles.google.com/isabelleyecreate Isabelle Cardinal

    Street art!! It’s really amazing to bump into something totally unexpected while walking down the street.. be it stencil art or a knitted tree hehe… I got so inspired by some of these artists, that I decided to participate and do the Mystery Project, from the Art House Co-op… should be fun!!

  • Sheryl

    For 30 years I have been inspired by stories of artists and designers like you that do the thing they love full time. Looking at other artists work inspires me to create something. But lately, after giving my work away as gifts for years, a few people are actually buying my work! That inspires me to keep trying.

  • Ana

    I’ve seen that sketchbook resently, by an illustrator called krepkij. It’s full of simple pencil drawings of people or furniture, but all of it is drawn in a way that makes a wind blow on the pages. It’s amazing! And I understood that now I’ll have to draw every day untill I will be able to draw on an equal level.)

  • Monno

    My son telling me “you are stronger than Batman” while listening to AcDc in the car (ask him the connection!)… that day things were clearer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1383812623 Mako Fufu

    I get easily inspired.
    But a HUGE dose of inspiration came to me when I´ve discovered this anime series:
    “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”

    (It´s from Gainax, the creators of Evangelion, but this one is… like the opposite to Eva… with a great positive/inspiring message: “Do the Imposible”) 

    Watch it here! ? http://www.reyanime.com/ver-anime/Tengen-Toppa-Gurren-Lagann/hd/1
    (w/ spanish subs)

  • Mitzie

    Spending time with my baby boy and noticing what fascinates him. It’s like I’m seeing things all over for the first time once he likes them. We are currently very into butterflies and caterpillars.

  • Vilma

    Me inspiran las ramas, las que encuentro en el suelo y las que veo peladas al mirar hacia arriba, los paisajes que cambian con las estaciones.Me inpiran hasta las formas que tejen los cables contra el cielo. Ultimamente muchas fotografias que encuentro en Pinterest, estan inundando mi cerebro, también…veremos en que se transforma tanta inspiración ;)

  • Flaviaq

    Llegar a Machu Picchu haciendo el camino Inca durante 4 días, hace menos de un mes. Un sueño hecho realidad que me llenó de energía, fuerza e inspiración para creer en mi y en lo que puedo lograr.

  • Razie Sahebi

    The everlasting thing that really inspires me is passing the time , how I was n am right now in any moment of my life. Living without concerns n trying to let it go could be the best part of my living. Sometimes I feel kind of walking regardless of where I am really makes me more carefree…..

  • Alexsnowdon

    Feeling the sun on my face, one of the best feelings in the world and it doesn’t cost a penny.

  • Designerm

    Children who battle disease and illnessess against all odds and who have the strength and faith to keep fighting no matter what.

  • Sel t

    The last thing that really inspired me was a series of typographic posters I found just searching through Google. I am always inspired by designs that use really bold, simple geometric shapes to convey a message.

  • Francisco

    Hi Nate! Lights off during a show in the Planteario de Buenos Aires.

  • Camora27

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ”
    Mark Twain

    This quote has inspired me to follow my dreams an not settle for what others think one should do with his live.

  • Betsy M.

    Really? You’re going to select randomly? Hmmm….it seems then, rather ironic (or really ‘oxymoronic’ –  though I did not want you thinking I meant you a ‘moron’), that your inspiration meant a lot, obviously, to you, but our moment of truth will just be a random moment for your hand to show off it’s opposable thumbility…sigh. Sorry, I’ve had a heartbreak of a year past. And, of course, you more than likely will not even read this as I seem to lack luck in things like this.

    The last thing that really inspired me was an oddment of a list I began on my phone entitled: “The Order in Which Spring Appears”, as here I am at 52 and could not tell you what buds, blooms and/or blossoms in what order – the exact same order in which this transformation has occurred since 1898 (random date).
    I began working on mindfulness somewhere between #s 6-8.

  • Dowardwilliams

    Always inspiring to see any artist follow their life’s dream. Congrats!

  • Matt

    I spend hours banging my head against a seemingly intractable problem, and nothing happens. Then, I give up, go for a walk, sit in a bar and watch a football game and a fully-formed idea that is just what i need pops into my head. I think inspiration can come from taking your mind off the problem for a while.

  • http://twitter.com/slauz Stephane Lauzon

    I just finished a french book from an artist of Quebec. This is the bio of the artist and illustrator LINO. An amazing book. I had LINO as teacher at university and it was one of the best class I had. So, reading his book was for me like revisiting a class with him. I like beautiful book, but with this one you got an amazing book + the deep writing and thinking of the artist. Something you don’t see really often in other artist books. 

  • Phillipa

    I am 15 and my mum really believes in me and my talent for art, even though sometimes I think I’m not very good.  Today we sat under the beautiful blossom tree in our garden and chatted about my drawings and my mum has really inspired me to have more confidence and finally deliver the painting for our hallway that I keep promising to do for her.  The picture will be of  the coastline along Cape Cod in America where we spent the holiday of a lifetime last summer.

  • Rhonda

     Jim Dines Drawings in a German Museum…

  • http://www.luciamiranda.com.ar/ Lucia

    Ver cómo los nenes que pasan la mayor parte de su día sin opción en el trabajo de sus padres (supermercados chinos, lavaderos de ropa, etc.) se las ingenian para crearse un mundo de lo más divertido, inventando juegos con lo que tienen a mano y sin que les importe en absoluto lo que pasa a su alrededor… 

  • Diane

    Mondo Orange poppies bursting into bloom in my Seattle garden.

  • Courtney

     Finding your work today!  I am searching for some camping themed art, for a project I am doing with my art class (kids art teacher) and somehow I found your work and started pouring through all your images.  Putting off hunger panes, and the fact that I need to leave very soon, I wanted to see your crazy insane imagination.  It’s a little Mary Blair meets Basquiat, very bright and cheerful and fun.  Congrats on living in South America! Sounds adventurous.  Well I am inspired by your work, but there’s that thing that happens when you find someone very creative, it makes you feel bad about yourself.  So in a weird ironic twist, finding your light, doesn’t really help me find mine. Mine is a sweet one though.

  • Susanmcleod

    Adorable little Landon Torrant struggling to reach, to pick up cheerios, to turn over, to stand, and to walk – all in one year.  I never actually watched a baby before, even my own.  Where was I?  Not looking?  They work so hard to perfect each task, never giving up, always practicing til perfect.  What a miracle!

  • emily

    nate williams gets his inspiation from picture books which i think is cool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anabela.fevereiro Anabela Fevereiro

    Today, listening my son (4 years old) singing a protuguese song just after wake up in the morning (in the bathroom).