Here is a really fun project I worked on with North Face, NORTH FACE YOUNG EXPLORERS GUIDE. It’s an activity book illustrated for kids all about the great outdoors (camping, exploring nature, etc). Here are a few illustrations and hand lettering examples from the book.

Hand Lettering for Front and Back of book

Inside Spread

Some cover concepts

Some hand lettering options

Some characters to be used inside the book like the images below

See more kids related illustration here

  • Ellen Crimi-Trent

    Love Love those characters!!!!!

  • Siobhan O’ Hehir

    Love this!

  • Amy Beard

    Fantastic work!  I always feel so inspired by your characters and design choices. :)

  • Nate Williams

    :) thanks that is so great to hear

  • Nate Williams


  • Nate Williams

    :) thanks