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When do you trust your gut over your brain?


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Another giveaway!!!! Nate you sooooooo crazy!

What: I am giving away 3 pillows . (your choice)

About: When I was working in a corporate environment we measured everything ...  ROI (return on investment) was king—finding a way to measure a campaign’s success was extremely important. We ran usability tests, held focus groups, reviewed eye tracking studies, analyzed statistics, tracked youth macro/micro trends, and much more ... I think that information was very valuable but I felt we put far too much emphasis on things that were easy to measure, and not enough on things that were less calculable and more intuitive—things that live on the subconscious level.

And so, in response to this deliberate environment, I launched my own zine. Hola Amiga was about doing exactly what I wanted—for some or absolutely no concrete reason at all. And it was about not having to explain why I did what I chose to do. It was about nurturing and exploring the subconscious realm, all in a very low tech way.

How: To enter, leave a comment on the following:  "When  do you trust your gut over your brain?".

When: On March 1st 2010 I will randomly select 3 people from below and mail each person a pillow of their choosing.

Rules: Just one comment per person on this page