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Silkscreen poster give away


What: I am giving away 3 silkscreen posters About: We have thoughts swirling around in our heads, but often don't realize how many brain cycles we give a specific topic or realize how our random thoughts are really connected. I wanted to understand this better so I programmed a web page, PROCONist: Mood Analyzer, to address the following:

  • Find patterns in your best and worst days?
  • Find out what you have been thinking about the most for the last day, week, month, year, or any give time period.
  • Find out what emotional states are triggered by  particular keywords, activities, people, etc (Happiness, Anger, Frustration, Accomplishment, etc)

You are welcome to try it here, it's free inspirited by curiosity: invitation code: buttermilk9af

How: To enter, leave a comment below ( with a Pro (something positive) and a Con (something negative)  in your life.


  • Pro-Having dinner with friends tonight
  • Con-Car broke down and have to pay $400 to fix it

When: On Sept 6th (my birthday) I will randomly select 3 people from below and mail each person a silkscreen poster

Rules: Just one comment per person on this page

PROCONist: Mood Analyzer