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I love to interact and engage creative professionals and students. I’m happy to share things I have learned as an illustrator, designer, art director and entrepreneur. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to give talks at universities, companies and creative events around the world.

PechaKuchaNight Buenos Aires

"Nate knows his craft, his path and how to deliver! Not only did he share is amazing work with stunning visuals but also his insights on creative brainstorming and personal discoveries. Did I mention he achieved this in a 7-minute talk in a foreign language? It was our pleasure, Nate!"

May Groppo
PechaKuchaNight organizer
Buenos Aires, Argentina

American Greetings

"A month after Nate came to American Greetings to give a talk and workshop, artists here are still talking about what a great event that was. It's rare to find an individual so generous with his ideas, his methods, his work, and his time. He's even a nice guy. Nate's workshop was especially useful in providing some cool tools and ideas for generating new work. If you're looking for someone who is energetic, enthusiastic about making art, creative, inspirational, articulate, with a good sense of humor and humility, Nate is your guy. If Nate was a movie, I'd be nominating him for an Oscar."

Mike Gold
Senior Designer


"Nate's talk was a real highlight of our extensive programme at OFFSET. The auditorium was packed with excited illustrators who loved his work to designers who might not be too familiar with him but all left inspired by his cogent and interesting dissection of the creative process."

Bren Byrne
Director, OFFSET Events
Dublin, Ireland

Society of Illustrators

"Nate is the kind of artist who inspires the audience: active yet relaxed, talented yet humble, successful yet approachable. He's a generous speaker, he's articulate and he has a great following. We sold out right away when I produced his lecture at the Society of Illustrators of NY."

Fernanda Cohen
School of Visual Arts, Faculty 90+10 & American Illustration, Columnist
Society of Illustrators of New York, Lecture Producer

American Greetings

"Nate Williams was a fantastic source of inspiration to our creative division here at American Greetings, which consists of 100's of artists and writers. His lecture/talk and workshop exposed our creative community to his extensive knowledge of the industry + techniques on problem solving and his amazing blend of artwork. He shared unique ways in bringing out one's own personal creativity + style that was invaluable for growth within our studios here in Cleveland."

Rob Roth
Senior Creative Consultant

Past Events

  • AIGA - Salt Lake City September 18th

  • Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Mexico

  • American Greetings, Cleveland

  • Cornish College of the Arts - Seattle

  • University of Utah - Salt Lake City

  • Society of Illustrators – New York City

  • ILUSTRAFIC - Valencia, Spain

  • University of Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires

  • Computer Arts Show - São Paulo, Brazil

  • American Greetings - Cleveland

  • OFFSET - Dublin, Ireland

  • Puma Street Arts Festival- Buenos Aires

  • Pixelation - Cordaba

  • Cliche Arts Festival - Bahía Blanca

  • Sid Lee - Montreal

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